Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet

Stocard - Rewards Cards Wallet
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Stocards Review. All Your Rewards on One Card

With an impressive development concept, Stocards is a leading app and light years ahead in terms of enabling convenience and letting you carry a lighter wallet finally with simple-yet-effective tools.


The main interface consists of two simple options: My Cards and Offers. The design of the Stocards app for me is excellent, the UI is quite intuitive and simple enough for you never to lose your way, even if you have just downloaded it for the first time. The app looks good on both Google Android and iOS. Once you have scanned the card, you can link to all services offered by the merchant owner of that card agreed upon by the agent. 10/10.

Key Features

With Stocards, it’s literally just as simple as scanning the barcode on your plastic rewards card at the back of those different cards and storing them on the app. You can also get the best bargains, bonuses, discounts, and coupons right there on Stocards, without the need for accessing too many different physical cards. At the store, the cashier can load points or make purchases and generate receipts by scanning the barcode from your screen.

The latest version offers an updated UI for iOS 10.0 (requires iOS 9.0 or later), compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and a new fix for bugs that were slowing down the app. The app requires Android 4.1 or higher, therefore this is an app for all Android devices.

Both the App Store and Google Play apps for this fantastic time-saving tool are free and there are no in-app purchases. 10/10.


Stocards performs perfectly on most occasions, and I love the fact that you can store so many rewards points and cards on just a simple app. I used to hate the bulk of carrying multiple cards around, but suddenly Stocards just came along and made everything easier. Though you might not get all your essential merchants due to so many consumer varieties, you will get a lot. The best part about Stocards is how the developers are always adding new merchants, so you might not miss out on much. 10/10.

Is Stocards Safe?

The app is stable so far, and there are no security breaches to speak of. Your login is password and pin-secured, and though transactions need to happen at the POS location, it still is a matter of consent when the attendant is scanning your barcode. Redeeming rewards takes time, and these might not be everyday transactions, so they should be quite low on security risks. 10/10.

Bottom Line

You should most certainly have this app on your iDevices or your Android mobile. Stocards is one of the most convenient and well-thought-out apps I’ve ever used. It solves a real-life problem of having to carry too many rewards or loyalty cards around in your wallet, or even worse, misplacing them. I’d definitely recommend the app.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10

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