Dread Hunger

Dread Hunger

The game is best played with a team of eight people, where six remain allies and the remaining two are traitors. 

The game perfectly demonstrates the era of the British Empire's conquest of the Arctic, which was accompanied by successes and failures. The horrors of the Arctic cold, the problems of human starvation, and cannibalism are adapted. 


The voyage begins in London. The crew uses a huge sailing ship with a coal-fired steam engine. The narrative involves the distribution of roles among the crew members. The game progresses through a series of events that must be completed in order, such as finding a specific item or reaching a certain point on the map. 

The crew constantly has to deal with the problem of heating. At night the temperature drops severely, so it is necessary to collect valuable resources during daylight hours. Campfires, stoves, fireplaces and even the navigator's lantern can save the crew. You can monitor your condition on a special scale in the lower-left corner of the screen.

In addition to the traditional health and "cold" indicators, there is another important scale. It shows the level of satiety of the character. Of course, it is constantly decreasing, so the search for provisions becomes another important task. A starving team member gradually loses HP and dies.

The map is populated by seals, hares, wolves, and bears, whose meat can be cooked on stoves and campfires. In the most extreme cases, human meat is used. It can be collected from the corpses of poor people from previous expeditions, whose bodies are scattered all over the map. You can also use the dead bodies of your comrades for cutting.

As in Dread Hunger are played by real people, the issue of coordinated teamwork comes to the fore. Without adequate communication and reaction to what is happening, the crew is likely to die.


The graphics in Dread Hunger are effective. The textures are basic, but the game is still pleasing to look at. The character models are all well-made and the animations are smooth.

The graphics of Dread Hunger are excellent. The game features realistic textures and lighting. The environments are varied and well-detailed, and the character models are realistic and well-animated. The game runs at a smooth framerate, even on low-end hardware.


The controls in Dread Hunger are simple and easy to learn. The game can be played with a mouse or a keyboard, and both control schemes work well. The buttons are all clearly labelled, so there is no confusion about what each one does.


Dread Hunger is a very replayable game. The game can be played multiple times with different teams, and the outcome will always be different. The game is also fun to watch, so it can be enjoyed by spectators as well.


Dread Hunger is an excellent game that perfectly captures the feeling of being stranded in the Arctic. The gameplay is well-done and the graphics are pleasing to look at. The controls are easy to learn and the game is highly replayable.

Dread Hunger is a great game that will appeal to fans of survival. The graphics are excellent, the controls are simple and easy to master, and the replay value is high. The game is worth coming back to again and again.


  • Good sound
  • High replayability
  • Great atmosphere
  • Huge role playability


  • The game can be frustrating and difficult at times
  • No system of penalties for players leaving the match during the game

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 10