Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon

Facebook Horizon

It’s the latest of several apps in Facebook’s new VR Labs initiative, which is the company’s first major push into VR apps and games since Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014.


In Facebook Horizon, you can literally build in a 3D space. A lot of people are calling it the Minecraft of VR. After you arrive in the metaverse, you can explore, socialize, and play with other users, while also creating your own virtual art or entertainment. You can also access your own stored media and talk to friends as avatars, with your hands and voice. As with any new platform, the initial offerings are limited. Facebook-owned Oculus is focusing on social games and 3D art.


The graphics are 3D but they aren't detailed too much, which gives a cartoonish feeling to the game. The game doesn't have any toon shading and uses mostly basic lighting. There are also some cartoonish animations that make it feel more like a cartoon.


The game is basically a VR sandbox and it gives a huge replayability level. The player can do whatever he wants in the game and there are lots of things to explore. A player can use his creativity to build objects and make places in the game. The player can also do different activities like fishing, meeting with other players or teleporting to another place.


Horizon is a great game for the time being. It is only available for the Oculus Quest and still needs some work. It's a great game for socializing and being creative. Most likely the developers will add more content in the future.



  • Good replayability
  • It's in VR
  • It's free
  • It's on every Oculus platform


  • It requires a Facebook account
  • It's in Early Access

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5