Freeletics – Training Coach

Freeletics – Training Coach

Freeletics Bodyweight Review: The Variety Of Workouts For Free

Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe your goal is to get in shape and build muscles? In any case, you can increase your fitness level with Freeletics Bodyweight.

The app considers your parameters like the body weight, your level of physical training, and so on to offer you customized workouts. Freeletics Bodyweight is a no-equipment training program to let you work out anywhere without carrying a heavy equipment with you.

There are more than 900 exercises on all parts of the body. By selecting your personal program, you can get into shape really fast. With the app's video tutorials, you will easy repeat the needed workout.

All types of users can use Freeletics Bodyweight from professional athletes to beginners. You can select a convenient duration of the workout available in the time interval from ten to thirty minutes.

Moreover, you can get Freeletics Bodyweight for free, and it's compatible with all iOS devices.


  • Free to get;

  • 900+ exercises;

  • Suitable to users from beginners to professional athletes.


  • Not compatible with Android.

Adjusting to your fitness goals and the level of your physical fitness, Freeletics Bodyweight allows you to quickly get in shape. More than 900 of available exercises will diversify the process of your training.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10