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Google Pay Send (former Google Wallet) Review. Make Your Transactions Fast

It provides you with an opportunity to send and receive money with simply an email or a phone number. Do it in a free and fast way even on the go!


The minimalistic design of Google Pay Send reminds of many other Google products. White background color, plain fonts, attractiveness in its minimalism make the app visually discreet.

The interface is at altitude as always. You will understand how to use the app intuitively, with no difficulties at all. User-friendly and straightforward, Google Pay Send fast comes to your liking. 10/10.

Key Features

Sending and receiving money via smartphone is significantly simplified with Google Pay Send. Using this app, you can go on halves with your friend at a brunch. Or request money for tickets to the important event.

From Google Pay Send, money is going directly to your bank account, and this is how you can simplify your cash operations.

Sync the app to your credit card and keep track of all operations from your mobile device.

You can also set reminders with Google Pay Send, which will notify you about all the principal payments. 10/10.


You can connect your Google Pay Send to more than one bank account or credit card. With the comprehensible interface and security features, the app will quickly become indispensable for all your financial operations. You can consider Google Pay Send as a private P2P financial service which makes transfers much easier even for those with no Google Pay Send at all. 10/10.

Bottom Line

Google Pay Send is perfect for splitting bills, paying on the go, and other private transactions.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 10