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GTA 5 Review

There is finally the New-Gen version of GTA 5 including GTA Online. Especially in GTA Online, there are countless things to reach, discover and experience. For this reason, you will find here all the important guide to GTA Online from us in the overview. Have fun in Los Santos!

So that your online excursion into Rockstars brilliant Open World becomes the expected festival and not frustration, we have compiled for you the most important tips, tricks, guides, and aids. That's how you look good in GTA Online!

Steal a cart that makes your opponent jealous

The first vehicle you grab and bring to the Los Santos Customs workshop will be your standard vehicle and always at your disposal when you play online in GTA. Your car will be equipped with a tracker in Los Santos Customs and marked as your property. On the first visit, you do not have to reach into your pocket, so choose your first vehicle wisely. Not all cars will be available at the beginning. Of course, that makes the choice much more difficult, so take your time. Go wild, grab one cart after the other and then choose your standard vehicle.

No room for cheaters!

Do not even try cheats. They do not work! But who needs cheats if he has Los Santos at his disposal?

Connection problems? Do not despair!

Do not worry if you can not connect at the beginning. GTA 5 has sold so well that Rockstar has to cope with the masses of players. Even if you can do it and make your first steps in GTA Online, there are still some strange errors and crashes here and there. Rockstar promises to improve and work around the clock to ensure you have an unforgettable GTA online experience.

The weapon of your confidence: Micro MP

Do not even think about throwing your early money recklessly out of the window for some bells and whistles. You want the micro MP. Trust us! Unfortunately, you can not buy the good piece right at the start because your character has to reach a certain rank first. Until then you should use your money sparingly. No unnecessarily expensive shoes and suits. If the game forces you to buy clothes, be sure to spend as little money as possible. After all, appearance is not everything that matters.

Beware of traps!

Players who have too much money in their pockets can buy bombs of all kinds. Beware of firing bombs and hidden explosives, which will blow you up just when you start a vehicle. Even worse are the bombs, which are activated by remote control. Players can be so mean.

Complete every mission

It pays off to play through all the missions in GTA Online. Your reputation increases as you complete optional missions. The higher your reputation, the greater the fun in GTA Online.

Become part of a crew

Your reputation will also increase if you join a crew. It pays to complete missions in a group.

Maintain your contacts

Your mobile phone also works in online mode. You can contact real players through your mobile phone. Friends are being added to your contact list as well as other players participating in the session. Remember that in GTA Online all phone calls cost $ 10. In GTA 5, the phone calls are then again free.

Asi behavior is punished!

Anyone who does mischief in GTA Online will be punished. At least some players who have been allowed to play GTA Online for some time now report that. So it should happen that players who like to make trouble are kicked out of the game. Annoyed gamblers have already reported on opponents standing in front of hospitals to kill reanimated players. Sounds really annoying.

Save your hard-earned money

To protect your money from theft, you should keep your money in the bank. Simply click on the Select button, which gives you access to the GPS feature that shows you the fastest way to the nearest ATM. Alternatively, you can manage your money over the internet. But that makes you more vulnerable to theft if you are not attentive. Always be careful.

Buy a garage

After buying a fat Micro SMG you might want to invest your money in a decent garage. As soon as you can name your own garage, you can start collecting vehicles. Garages are expensive but worth their money. The cheapest garage you get for $ 25,000. Some players might prefer to invest money in a house, which eventually comes with GAragen. However, getting a house requires patience.

The advantages of solo mode

If you want to play GTA Online, but do not want to be massacred at the beginning of opponents, it may be advisable to play alone for now. You can switch to solo mode via the pause menu. The advantage is that you are shielded from other players and you can first familiarize yourself with the world of GTA Online. In addition, you can take care of your settings in solo mode and earn a few dollars in advance. The downside: you have no access to all jobs and activities.

Leveling up by escape

In Free Roam mode, it is sometimes advisable to steal cars. If you have grabbed a vehicle, then look for a few players who are busy with the police. If you meet the police, it may be that they want to recognize your stolen vehicle and grab you. If that works, two stars appear and you have to step on the gas pedal. If you escaped, you will receive some RP. Of course, your RP will also increase without this effort, but it pays to attract the attention of an already busy police unit to get more RP.

Get fast on money

To get money fast, it's worth selling stolen cars to Los Santos Customs. An SUV or muscle can ever bring in the $ 7,000. Unfortunately, this feature is only available every half an hour.

Replaying larger missions also earns good money. For example, missions from Gerard can cost as much as $ 5,000 to $ 9,000.

Once you reach level 15, you will have access to Survival Mode. In this mode, you need to team up with up to three players to defend yourself against enemy waves. In this mode, you can improve your shooting skills and earn higher sums of money with each mastered wave. It should be easy for you to master Wave 7 and 8. If you master Level 7, you will receive $ 8,000. If you master wave 8, then there are already 14,000 dollars and RP, which are calculated from the killed opponents. The plane cemetery level is one of the lightest and even provides more than 8 waves from which you can make money.

Free car

If you're connecting the Legendary Motorsport website and your PSN account to the Rockstar Social Club in-game, you should be able to get an Annis Elegy RH8 for free. You can only get this vehicle if you have a garage.

Free weapon

If you connect your PSN account to the Social Club, you can get a sawed-off shotgun in GTA Online for nothing. Unfortunately, ammunition and accessories are still subject to a charge.


  • Breathtaking graphics
  • Story mode


  • Needs a lot of disk space and internet speed
  • Online mode with difficulties

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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