The game is set in a procedurally generated world, which means that each playthrough is unique. Graphics are decent, controls are easy to learn and replayability is high, making Humankind a great choice for fans of the 4X genre.


At its core, Humankind is a game about expansion and resource management. Players must balance the needs of their people with the resources available to them in order to grow their civilization. This can be a tricky proposition, as things can quickly get out of hand if players aren’t careful.

The heart of the game is the empire management aspect. You need to balance the needs of your people with the resources at your disposal, all while expanding your territory. There are a variety of different buildings to construct, each with its own benefits. For example, a farm will increase the food supply, while a barracks will increase the military power.

You also need to keep an eye on your neighbors, as war is a constant threat. The game features a rich diplomacy system, with a variety of different agreements and treaties that can be made. You can also form alliances, and even create federations with other players.


The graphics are quite good, with a high level of detail. The units look good, and the landscapes are lush and realistic. There is a good variety of different terrains, from snow-capped mountains to scorching deserts.


The controls are easy to learn and can be quickly mastered. The game is mouse-driven, with all the actions being performed by clicking on the various icons. The menus are easy to navigate, and it’s easy to find the information you need. They work well, and there are no major issues to speak of.


Replayability is high in Humankind. The procedurally generated world means that each playthrough is unique, and there are plenty of different ways to play the game. This makes it a great choice for fans of the 4X genre.

The game has a high replay value, as there are a lot of different ways to play. You can try out different strategies, and see how well you can do with a different nation. The game also has a good online multiplayer mode, which adds to the replay value.


Overall, is a well-made 4X strategy game that fans of the genre will enjoy. It’s easy to learn but has a lot of depth that can keep you playing for hours on end. The graphics are good, and the controls are easy to use. The game is also highly replayable, with a variety of different ways to play. If you’re looking for a good strategy game to keep you occupied, then Humankind is definitely worth a look.


  • It is a very fun game to play
  • It allows you to play against your friends or against strangers
  • Relatively difficult to master
  • Amazing late game
  • The game is friendly to all ages


  • Sometimes there can be bugs

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 10