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WiFi Map Review. Save Roaming Charges with Global Hotspots & Wi-Fi Passwords

id, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, saving you roaming charges when you move to different locations.


The predominantly blue interface on the iOS and Android app is pleasant, and the design is quite simple and easy to navigate through. You’ll see various map pins showing Wi-Fi hotspots closest to you. Clicking on any pin brings the location details, hotspot name, and a Wi-Fi password if available. You’ll get a ‘Scan Network & Speed Test’ window where you can test your current hotspot, and you can see the various changes in the IP address of this hotspot. The UI is adequate and pleasant, with no unnecessary clutter. Interface score: 7/10

Key Features

Data roaming charges are usually quite costly. The WiFi Map app helps you beat these roaming charges by letting you access free Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world. The app info is crowd-sourced, which means the users uploading the information determine its reliability.

Check Wi-Fi availability in different cities by using a smart filter, and you can also check the connection reliability for your current hotspot by scanning the system and doing a speed test. You can only check available hotspots within a one-mile radius, and you can check both public and private networks. It is always advisable to be cautious with public hotspots because of security vulnerabilities.

You’ll need an Internet connection to pull up the names of the available hotspots, although the Pro Version on both iOS and Google Android lets you save offline pins. You can filter your locations by name, do a smart search and join the online community of WiFi Map by sharing your Wi-Fi maps with friends on Social Media. You can also view the actual IP addresses of various hotspots. The latest version offers a ‘Suggest an edit’ update which allows users to change incorrect hotspot info such as location and name.

The APK and IPA versions are both free, with a premium upgrade for $2. The APK only requires Android 4.3 or later which is compatible with most new phones, this is an app for all Android devices. Apple gadgets need iOS 9.0 or later.

Features score: 8/10


The app totally depends on crowdsourcing so you might not get any hotspots in your location. Both App Store and Google Play apps for connection to Wi-Fi hotspots run seamlessly on iOS gadget or Android mobile. I didn’t experience any crashes with the app. I believe the app should incorporate a mechanism for listing password changes on the network or non-existent hotspots.

The app offers frequent updates, with bug fixes, improved map navigation, and connectivity to Captive Wi-Fi portal, filters for Wi-Fi location leaders among other fixes. These updates are quite regular. 8/10.

Bottom Line

This is a leading and unique tool for mapping out global locations driven by users. It is not a hack-tool, and neither does it access the IP addresses of routers or ISPs as most disappointed users think. It merely shares Wi-Fi locations and suggested passwords. Simple and reliable enough, I’d recommend this app to everyone.

Interface 7

Key Features 8

Usability 8