Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in September 2021.


In the game, the player takes control of the spirit of a young girl, Kena, as she guides the spirits to the exit by using various tools and objects. This can be quite challenging, as the spirits can only move in certain ways. The graphics are quite good and the controls are easy to use.


The graphics in Kena: Bridge of Spirits are generally quite good. The game makes use of a bright and colorful art style that helps to make the various environments and puzzles stand out. 

The character designs are also well done, and the game features some impressive lighting effects. The character and object designs are cute and appealing, and the use of color is very effective in creating a sense of magic and wonder.


The controls are simple and easy to learn, and the game can be played with a keyboard or a gamepad. This makes the game easy to play, even for those who have not experienced gamers.


The game is short but can be replayed in order to find all of the hidden secrets.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a fun and charming action-adventure game with beautiful graphics and easy-to-learn controls. The game’s graphics are also quite good, and the controls feel responsive and accurate. The game is a bit on the short side but can be replayed for more secrets, making it worth the price of admission.


  • Nice graphics
  • Great music
  • Emotional stories
  • Dynamic battles
  • Lovely companions


  • Sometimes the game can seem monotonous

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 9

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8