Lyft Review. Good Ride Is Safe Ride

The principle of use is simple. Select a ride with a particular driver, send your request by tapping a button, and get picked only in a few minutes. Simple, fast, convenient! What more to wish for a ride? Moreover, you will get to the desired destination for a lower price than a taxi requires.


The eye-catching design is meant to attract users. It is performed in purple, white, and pink colors. Looks like a candy comparing to Uber!

The Lyft interface is intuitive, and from the first minutes of use, you become misters with it. The convenient menu, detailed maps, and other visual features are all aimed to make your user experience pleasant and bright. 9/10.

Key Features

You can be sure that by using Lyft you will get a safe and affordable ride. The app developers provided it with such kind of functions which can significantly simplify the requests and ensure the safety.

To make your ride even more affordable, you can split its cost with another passenger. You don't have to worry about incompetent driver because every driver passes a special check before joining the Lyft system. You can as well rate a driver and check other users reviews on him.

To make you entirely sure about using Lyft, developers provided $1M liability insurance for unforeseen circumstances.

Lyft is compatible both with Android and iOS devices to let all users get cheaper and faster drives. 9/10.


Lyft is a simple app offering you comfortable conditions for having a ride. After installation, you need to sign up by filling your name, email, phone number, and some other personal data.

To use it, set the destination and tap to request your ride. You will see the cost upfront, so you don’t have to worry whether you have enough money at the end of the journey.

You can pay within the app and even choose a tip option if you want. After the ride rate your driver with a one to five purple stars. Your rate will be useful for other users as well. 9/10.

Bottom Line

Lyft is one of these apps which everyone needs to have on the phone. It offers you comfortable, safe, and affordable rides with drivers, which are already proved their excellent driving skills.

It is not a big surprise that the app is highly popular all over the US due to the offers it provides. Low price, quirky branding, safe and comfortable rides. These are the reasons for its popularity among millions of users who’ve chosen Lyft instead of usual cabs for commuting, getting to events and going out.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9

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