Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight Review. Do It Easy and Fast

d time. Here’s the full review of this leading app.


One attribute that contributes significantly to the overall convenience of the App Store and Google Play app for weight tracking is the user interface. This app’s design is simple and stylish, making it ideal for this genre of apps. The themes can be customized to fit an individual’s preference, and the arrangement is easy to follow through even for a newbie.

The interface is most appealing when the app is opened on an iPad or Android tablet. Moreover, the graphs and numbered statistics displayed are easy to follow through, and the save option makes easy for you to track daily progress. However, this Google Android and iOS app could use better colors and graphics. In the design section, I give it a 9/10 score.

Key Features

This iOS and Android app as a lot of features that aim at offering accuracy and the best user experience. First, it has a weight tracker that can record both individual and multiple profiles. It also gives users the opportunity to synchronize their data either with the host company servers or with their devices. Most weight tracking apps merely calculate weight and help one reach a goal in mind. With this app for all Android devices and iOS gadgets, you can get insights on the weight that is right for your age group, height or even body type.

The latest version comes with bug fixes such as a solution for the issues that were previously experienced on the Wahoo Scale. Therefore, it’s advisable that you update the app frequently to enjoy the enhancements and improved functionality. On features, Monitor Your Weight app scores a 9/10.


This tool’s design and interface are what make it so user-friendly and convenient. I had an issue with my privacy at first, seeing that I was saving my personal information on the host company’s server but the pin lock feature eased my worries. One thing I like about this app’s performance is its ability to average daily weight loss. It also works seamlessly across both operating systems without lags, and it has never crashed on my iPhone.The convenience and performance section gets a 10/10 rating.

Bottom Line

I would recommend this application if you’re that person who prefers losing weight gradually but systematically. There are not many apps on the market with the same features as this one or that allow integration with digital scales. If you have a weight loss goal as a couple or a family, then this iOS and Android mobile app is what you need to motivate one another throughout your journey.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 10