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MotionX GPS Review. The Best Value for Navigation Apps

The MotionX GPS app for iOS provides you a ton of powerful GPS and navigation tools, much like a dedicated GPS receiver, giving you some of the best cost savings of any turn-by-turn app in its category.


The UI is beautiful and sharply contrasted, which means you can use this app even in the dark with night mode. Everything from the Search Wheel to the Track Recorder is defined in large, responsive icons. The maps are also clearly defined. The biggest problem I have with the design is the fact that you can’t use the app in landscape mode. The map compass also changes orientation based on 3GS which might come as an extra strain on your interpretation. I like the sleek design, so I’ll give it a 9/10.

Key Features

Apart from the usual location capabilities of regular GPS maps, the app provides tools for waypoint mapping. You just need to press Start on the built-in Track Recorder or what’s more of a stopwatch. This places an initial waypoint on the map and begins tracking your movement using your built-in GPS. In places where the GPS signal is low, the app will use nearby cell towers and Wi-Fi (if you’ve enabled it) to triangulate your position. The Track Recorder has other useful functions including keeping total distances, maximum and minimum altitudes, top and average speeds and distance traveled. You can even take photos along the way and attach them to specific waypoints. The Track screen allows you to view all your previous waypoints on your track.

A status menu will provide all the coordinates of your previous waypoints and your current distance from them. You also can configure metric units and navigation to your liking. In addition to online Google Maps, you’re also provided with map formats such as OSM, terrain maps, and marine charts. Voice coaching lets you access your stopwatch easily.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch. The latest update fixes crash issues for iOS 11 users.

The app costs $1.99 on the App Store which is a bargain compared to other GPS Nav apps with the same functionalities. You can purchase Custom Maps at $4.99 for offline use. 9/10.


The app works exceptionally well, and I’m a big fan of its features. Using online search instead of stored points of interest makes the app even more accurate. Its open OSM maps are great if you want to use it offline. I liked the fact that I can export my waypoints and GPX files. I didn’t experience any crashes or freezes, although there have been complaints that the app is unstable on iOS 11. I find the app quite easy to use, therefore a 9/10 will suffice.

Bottom Line

MotionX is one of the leading navigation apps on the App Store. I personally use it for my cycling enthusiasms, but it has a host of other functions. I hoped the latest version would incorporate landscape mode, but the developers say they are working towards that objective. I’d definitely recommend this app.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9

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