New World

New World

New World

In an open-world game, you will have a set of quests, various factions, battles, and not a very quick character grinding. Your character was brought to the island by an accident, surviving a shipwreck. Once on a fantastic island called Aeternum, the player can choose the style of the game they like. Traveling through the ruins of a wild island, you can do missions alone and with allies. You can order New World on Steam and on Amazon Games.


The New World on PC has fairly good-looking and competitive graphics. The game generally leaves a good impression because of the smooth movement of the character, and the surrounding world differs from typical MMO worlds. The island has a tropical style with high-quality textures and lighting effects. The graphics menu is quite simple, but it allows you to optimize settings for your PC.


A large and significant part of the game is factions that allow the player to participate in joint raids, battles for territory, and so on. By choosing one of the three fractions, you can experience PVP as well as delve into the history of this fraction. Due to a large number of functions, interaction with players is filling needful and promotes more social behavior in the game. Many players prefer to discuss strategy with their allies in Discord.

Moreover, the combat system is pretty progressive because the developers have created a mechanic that avoids a large number of problems in other games. There are no classes in this game, and there are more opportunities for your character to develop than you can imagine. An action-based combat system allows you to develop your full potential during combat.

One of the most controversial parts of the game among the community is the character’s leveling. Here developers did not try to create something innovative. They decided to add the typical for old MMO's long and not very diverse process of grinding. Tiresome travel through the map without additional content to brighten expectations on the way to the quest.


New World can become part of your life’s routine because the gameplay and the connections that arise with it can drag you into this fantastic universe for a long time. Depending on your game style, you will be able to study the game world for quite a while and constantly discover something new.


If you are a fan of team or single combat in a unique world and are not afraid to spend a lot of time on achieving the desired result, New World can be a great solution. To install the New World on your PC, you will need to download it from Steam or Amazon Games.


  • Many functions for interaction with players
  • World atmosphere and game style
  • Optimized combat system.


  • The leveling process takes a long time
  • The map is not filled with content.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 4

Gameplay 3

Lasting Appeal 3