Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate Review. Accurate Measurements in a Heartbeat  

This app for all Android devices and iOS is the leading and most precise heart rate monitor tool for your smartphone. Here’s a review of this essential app.


One of the features that I find to be most attractive in the App Store and Google Play app for heart rate measuring is the design, and I guarantee that there are no disappointments after installing. It includes simplicity and class to match some of the best heart rate monitors on the market. The instructions at the bottom of the page come in handy for new users who don’t know their way around the app. Such an intriguing yet simple user interface makes it ideal for this group of apps.

I believe the design of the iOS and Android mobile app deserves a 9/10.

Key Features 

This iOS and Android app comes with several features that you’d find attractive. First, the heart rate tool uses your smartphone’s built-in camera and tracks color changes on your fingertip which directly links to your pulse. Another feature that impresses me is the manufacturer’s desire for accuracy. I use my resting heart rate to get a view of my heart’s fitness.

This app also helps monitor cardio workout while aiding exercise optimization. To enjoy better stability and enhanced features, it’s advisable that you update to the latest version frequently.

I give this app a rating of 9/10 for the best features that I have not found in any other related apps.


The iOS and Google Android app performs seamlessly across all platforms. It is also easy to use. Once I place my index finger’s tip on the camera, my heart rate is displayed on the screen. I prefer the pro version seeing that it has no ads, but there is no difference regarding performance. Still, as far as performances go, I have not experienced any lags or crashes with this app to date.

I give it a 9/10 rating for performance and convenience. It has never failed me.

Bottom Line

This iOS and Android app won me over after I discovered all that is required when I needed to measure my heart rate is placing my index finger on my camera. I can even track my resting heart rate and monitor the progression into healthy living using my iPad or iPhone. While it should not be used for medical diagnoses, this app guarantees accurate readings and has helped millions of people around the world since it was released. I would recommend the app to those who are serious about the health of their hearts.

Interface 9

Key Features 9

Usability 9