The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The game offers an in-game currency system known as gems; gems can be used to buy new items and tools, and can also be used to buy new worlds.


In this game, you are the god who creates the worlds, you can do anything you want in the worlds like building, creating, destroying and growing. You can play with the ninjas, robots, zombies and humans. You can even play with the universe itself. You can play with the elements and create the world of your dreams.


The graphics are 2D and pixelated, still, the game looks beautiful and the landscapes created by players can be quite impressive. The game is similar to Minecraft, but the players can create more complex worlds.


The game is a sandbox, so, obviously, it has good replayability. You can create anything you want and the only limit is your imagination. For me, the only limit is the time I have. I am not a very patient person and I don't have the time to create a whole world. I know that if I do, it will be awesome.


The Sandbox is a very entertaining game, I can spend hours on it, creating and destroying, growing and evolving. The gameplay is good, the graphics looks nice and the replayability is very good.



  • Freedom of creativity
  • High replayability
  • Immersive game-play
  • Well-developed soundtrack


  • The game is only in English

Graphics and Sound 3

Controls 4

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5