BBC Sport

BBC Sport Review. Real-Time Notifications from Your Favorite Teams

Keep informed on all your favorite teams and leagues, from F1 to the Premier League, and be right on time for kick off or game night.


With this tool, you’ll get a well-designed UI which organizes all your functions under a single menu. On the Home Screen, you’ll get the latest news, updates and live coverage, filtered according to your preferences. With the “My Sport” option, you can customize your own sports page to include all the items you want. The design is suave and looks even better on a large iPad or Google Android tablet. You can also sign up for push notifications, and these will appear on your phone home screen. The Interface rates at a 9/10.

Key Features

The app is reliable when it comes to giving updates and all the latest news in the world of sports. With updates from different leagues and live competitions and all the most recent rumors in the world of sport, you will never miss a thing. Both IPA and APK offer you the ability to customize your own sports page.

The app offers Chromecast support for your Live Video requirements which is a plus. Set reminders for all your Live Events and receive notifications when they are about to start. With the app, you’ll get widget support for all your headlines and breaking news. You can access indexed menus for various sports which makes everything easier.

For the APK, Android 4.4 or higher should suffice so this is an app for all Android devices. For Apple gadgets, iOS 9.0 or later is needed. The latest version offers video support for your notifications.  I’ll rate the Features at 10/10.


The app used to be easy to use and move around. The fact that it offers Chromecast support is an added advantage. However, newer updates seem to make the app much worse instead of fixing it. The app constantly freezes, and it gets irritating to navigate through the screens after a few attempts. The video resolution also lets you down at times. BBC generally has excellent content, but they couldn’t quite bring that through with this app. I however like the fact that you can personalize your own news. Some icons are a bit small, especially if you are using a small screen like mine. I’ll give it a 5/10. Both iOS and Android apps are free, and there are no in-app purchases.

The Bottom Line

I used to love the BBC app when they launched it, but it seems the developers let the app go. The Google Play app for BBC Sport used to work well on my HTC Tab, and once I got an iPhone 6, it worked okay as well. Not much seems to work on the app anymore. Customer service is very unresponsive, and it seems like bots giving automatic responses whenever you drop a query.

Personally, I keep the app for reliable notifications, but nowadays, the Eurostar app is the leading sports app for me. I’d recommend this app if the developers could fix some of the issues I’ve mentioned.

Interface 9

Key Features 10

Usability 5