Valheim Review

And although it appeared quite recently, it has already gained immense popularity among fans of this genre.

Graphics and Sound (7/10)

The game can surprise experienced users with its low weight. All thanks to a design that allowed developers to use textures at low resolution. In terms of picture quality, Valheim is similar to the games of the 2000s. However, the lighting and weather effects are modern, which creates a strange effect: on wide shots, the game looks very good, but sometimes it's difficult to make out something in detail. The music perfectly complements the picture.

Controls (9/10)

The game is currently only available for PC, so you can play it using a keyboard and mouse. It is worth highlighting the resource collection, their correct placement in the inventory, and ship controls among the interesting mechanics. Everything in this fictional world has realistic physics, which is worth considering. So, for example, going on a ship against the wind, you have to lower sails and go rowing.

Gameplay (8/10)

At Odin's order, you go to a new, unknown world to destroy the local monsters. Of course, you were sent to such a dangerous business without good ammunition and weapons, and therefore you will have to craft them. You will have to fight off wild animals with sticks in the early days, but you will gain enough resources to create a primitive weapon after a while. Opportunities for creating new items appear when you pick up the necessary resources and acquire production facilities. Here you can do beekeeping, farming, cooking, and, of course, fighting monsters.

Lasting Appeal (7/10)

The game will appeal to real fans of various survival games. Untrained users can get bored even at the first stage. Most of the gameplay initially comes down to gathering resources and finding food at the beginning. The possibilities for creating new items are very limited, enemies are not particularly difficult, and the first delights of lighting and changing weather conditions subside. What remains is a grind and the study of game mechanics empirically.

Fight for the Glory of Odin!

Valheim is currently at the alpha access stage, so the developers may still make some changes. However, the game amazes with a huge amount of content and an almost complete absence of bugs. You will have to learn how to brew potions, make sausages, choose the best weapons for different monsters, and wander through dark dungeons.


  • Great crafting system;
  • Low tech requirements;
  • Good early access optimization;
  • High-quality work with lighting;


  • Some mechanics are not obvious;
  • Building and grinding can be boring;

Graphics and Sound 5

Controls 5

Gameplay 5

Lasting Appeal 5