Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors

player game that requires the player to defeat waves of enemies to continue. When the player defeats an enemy, they drop gems that can be used to upgrade their character. The game is played with one of 4 characters, each with different starting weapons. The gameplay is simple, with the player's character automatically attacking enemies.


The game starts with only a few enemies, but later on there can be thousands of enemies on the screen at once. Players should avoid attacking enemies that are not in their range, as this will cause them to lose health. Players should also try to only attack enemies near the bottom of the screen, as this will make it easier to avoid other enemies. The game concludes when the player fails to defeat all the waves of enemies. Gameplay consists of a character attacking automatically as they fight against waves of enemies. The player controls one of several different characters with different starting weapons, who attack automatically. As enemies are defeated, they drop gems which are used to level up the character. As the game progresses, there are more enemies on the screen which can number up to thousands.


The graphics are simplistic, with the game using a pixelated look. The game also has a black and white color scheme. The game's graphics are simple and cartoon-like, with each character having a different design. The game's backgrounds are also simple, with one looking like a city and the other looking like a forest.


The game is challenging, but not enough to be considered impossible. The game is also addictive, with players often needing to be reminded to take a break from playing. Vampire Survivors has not been released as a final product, so it is unclear how often it will be updated. However, the developer has stated that he intends to release it as "early access" rather than as a full game.


Overall, The gameplay of Vampire Survivors is relatively simple. The player controls a character that automatically attacks enemies. The player can pick from a variety of different characters and weapons, and as the player progresses they can level up and gain new weapons. The graphics of Vampire Survivors are very simple. The player is represented by a small blue dot, and the enemies are represented as red dots. The enemies move towards the player, and the player must kill them to proceed.


  • The game is available on the popular game store Steam
  • It has simple graphics
  • It has a variety of weapons
  • It is free to play
  • It has become a hit game with over 30000 concurrent players on Steam
  • It is easy to pick up
  • It has depth


  • It has not been released as a final product, so it is unclear how often it will be updated
  • It has not been updated since being released
  • It has a steep learning curve. It can be repetitive
  • It can be played on a PC or on a mobile device

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9