Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Review. Great for Local Business Searches

You probably won’t see the yellow paperback versions of the business directories that you were used to. What you will get is an app for iOS and Android mobile that conveniently places entire business directories at your fingertips.


I dislike the app design because of how small the font is. Though probably a trademark color, the yellow theme doesn’t contrast too well with the white background. The map display has very little contrast, and the menu icons at the bottom are barely visible. The design is optimized for iPad and Android tablets. I’m not too thrilled with the UI although it’s pretty straightforward so I’ll give it a 6/10.

Key Features

The Yellow Pages app brings you everything digitally that the old paperback directory had to offer and with added functionalities, turning your device into a full referencing guide. Once you open the app, it automatically detects your current location and provides local searches of whatever you can think of. You can also find places and directory information from all around the world, which is useful say if you are traveling somewhere new.

In addition to getting directions and contact information for local businesses, you can also get features like:

  • Voice navigation turn-by-turn.

  • Searching listings in different categories.

  • See company information on business websites and other listings.

  • You can also add your own ‘favorites’ for businesses.

  • See new deals and discounts.

  • Check out menus and make reservations on the app.

The latest version now supports iMessage, where you can share information with your friends. If you tap on a business name, its location will show on a map. The app compatibility varies with the Android device. The iOS version requires iOS 8.0 or later, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Yellow Pages app packs useful and straightforward features while offering no in-app purchases, so I’ll give it a 9/10.


The app generally works okay, although getting listings on some businesses proves difficult at times. The app lets you search by Zip Code too which is an added advantage. Overall, I got a very positive feel from the app though it might not be entirely effective in some cities which have few listings. I think the convenience deserves a 9/10.

Bottom Line

The Yellow Pages app for iOS and Android provides really useful tools for finding local businesses and navigation for locations of interest easily. It is better for local searches but is generally a convenient app to have if you ever need to find anything from a bus station to a carpark or hot dog place. Though you can’t create your own custom lists or make edits, it is still a great app. I’d recommend it.

Interface 6

Key Features 9

Usability 9