9 Best Apps that will Help with Math

  • Greg Burn

The growth of smartphone use has shifted the way people use their devices. The app market has exploded, and with it, the math app market. People can now easily find a math app for whatever they need. This article will provide reviews of 9 best math apps that will help you with math.


Photomath app

Photomath is a camera app that solves math problems. It can solve equations up to the 6th degree. It also has a calculator available. If the app didn’t recognize your writings correctly, you could edit the needed info easily in the editor. Why didn’t I have this lifesaver when I was a student?


As you probably know, Solve4x is a free online app that solves various math problems. But, what is the Solve4x app? Is it a calculator? Or, is it an app that helps you solve math problems online? We have all the answers!

It is a math calculator free to use, and that doesn’t require you to download anything. Yes, you have read it right! It is a math app that you can use online. It starts with a built-in library of more than 400 matrices, vectors, and sequences. It also has a graph that can display the equations on the screen.


iMathematics is an app that is used to help students with fundamental mathematics. It consists of a basic calculator and a few tools to help out. You can use iMathematics app by choosing the category you want to use. Then you can choose the question you want to solve. The app will solve it for you in a short time. It can solve equations up to the 6th degree. 


ALEKS is a math program for learning, studying, and teaching mathematics. ALEKS provides an engaging and interactive way to learn math, and it is an excellent tool for students struggling with math. The app has three main features: 

1) A virtual tutor that helps students with problems;
2) Differentiated instruction for students of diverse abilities;
3) A parent dashboard to monitor progress. 
ALEKS also has 50 lessons, 50 practice problems, and a math quiz.


CoolMath is a fun and interactive app that provides math and science games and puzzles for students of all ages. It also includes an encyclopedia that teaches students about math and science topics.


GeoGebra is a free mathematics software for learning, teaching, and researching mathematics. It is used to explore geometry, algebra, calculus, and differential equations. GeoGebra has a variety of features, including graphing, solving equations, and 3D graphing.


Mathway is a math helper app that solves math problems in seconds. It is primarily an interactive calculus problem solver, but it also provides help with algebra, geometry, and other math problems.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that is used for creating and manipulating data. Excel is a powerful tool for math problems, and it has an extensive range of features. Applying the right formula will make your calculations a lot quicker.

Scientific Calculator

This app is excellent for students who need to solve math problems with a scientific calculator. The Scientific Calculator app provides a calculator with trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential support for imperial and metric units. It also has a history of the last 30 calculations that can be deleted by pressing the trash icon. 

Your Pocket Helper

If you struggle with solving math tasks, downloading one of these apps may save you time and nerves. These apps do not just give you answers but help you understand the subject describing each step of solving the task.