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Hearty Welcome to Plate&PetalGlendale!

Welcome to Plate&PetalGlendale, the best place for unique game reviews and the latest news. We are a team of dedicated professionals led by an experienced web developer John Williams. Our journey began when we discovered the need for a user-friendly, exciting, and informative gaming website. 

Our team

  • CEO and Founder John Williams
  • Senior Editor Samanta Blumberg
  • Marketing Manager Greg Burn

The journey of Plate&PetalGlendale began when John Williams met Samanta Blumberg at a gaming convention. They shared their mutual passion for video games while discussing the lack of reliable sources for gaming news. This conversation planted the seed for Plate&PetalGlendale.

John already had experience running his own small business - a local video game store - which gave him insight into the commercial aspects of the gaming industry. Meanwhile, Samanta had spent years working as a project manager in various tech companies. Together they hatched a plan for creating Plate&PetalGlendale - an online platform that would provide comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the gaming world.

To build their dream team, John and Samanta sought out talented individuals who would complement their skills. They brought on board Greg Burn as Marketing Manager. Greg brought years of marketing expertise from working at prominent advertising agencies, where he developed successful campaigns for numerous gaming clients. Greg's role was to promote Plate&PetalGlendale's content and ensure that the site continued to grow its readership.

With the core team in place, Plate&PetalGlendale quickly gained a following as it filled the gap in the market for a reliable and informative gaming news site. The team members' diverse backgrounds allowed them to cover everything from game releases and industry news to app development and gadget reviews. 

As Plate&PetalGlendale steadily grew, the team expanded by bringing on additional writers, social media managers, and video content creators. This allowed them to broaden their coverage further while maintaining their commitment to quality journalism.

The team members of Plate&PetalGlendale also made it a point to stay active within the gaming community by attending conventions, participating in live-streaming events, and engaging with fans on social media. This dedication to connecting with their audience has helped them build a loyal following of gamers who trust Plate&PetalGlendale as their go-to source for all things gaming.

The journey of Plate&PetalGlendale is a testament to the power of passion when combined with hard work and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The dedicated team behind this pioneering platform continues to push boundaries by delivering comprehensive coverage of games and app news while fostering genuine connections within its community.

Then we pooled our skills and resources, working tirelessly to create a platform that would meet the needs of our target audience. Each team member played a critical role in bringing the website to life, from designing eye-catching visuals to creating compelling content. Today, we are extremely proud of our creation, knowing that we have made a significant impact on our online community. Here are some of the key benefits of our site:

  • Exclusive game reviews

Our team of seasoned writers and avid gamers composes only unique and insightful game reviews. We appreciate the variety of games and take the time to dive deep into each one to provide detailed feedback. The reviews are honest, unbiased, and created with gamers in mind.

  • Current news

We keep our finger on the pulse of the gaming industry to bring you the latest news and events. We've got you covered, from exciting new releases to revolutionary industry trends. We present the latest news in a clear and concise format so that you can stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Guides and tips for a winning game

Plate&PetalGlendale provides insider tips and tricks to help you master your favorite games. Our authors, experienced gamers themselves, are ready to share their wealth of knowledge with you. Our guides are aimed at giving you all the information you need to succeed.

You can easily find the information you need by browsing our latest reviews or searching for specific tips and tricks. With insider tips and tricks, comprehensive guides, and a user-friendly interface, Plate&PetalGlendale can become your favorite gaming hub.