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Top-10 Best Food Delivery Apps to Try During COVID-19 As the coronavirus outbreak has locked millions of people in their homes, more consumers are opting for a different, risk-free way of shopping for their groceries and getting restaurant meals without going to the restaurant. Food delivery apps have been around for years, but it is only now that we have come to fully appreciate their usefulness. Skip the dubious pleasure of raiding the nearest malls and panic-buying anything that’s left on the shelves. With a few quick taps on your touchscreen, you can get anything you need conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Here is our list of top-10 best grocery delivery apps available for Android smartphones that will become your best friend and true lifeline at the time of the crisis. We will tell you what food delivery app takes cash and which restaurant delivery app offers a no-contact delivery option. Amazon Shopping This is more than just another “food delivery app near me”. Amazon is a handy and sophisticated application that offers quick delivery of virtually anything: groceries and household goods, electronic gadgets, clothes, building materials, sports equipment, birthday gifts, and much more. Feature-packed and functional, it allows you to promptly find what you need, arrange a delivery, pay in your local currency using an international debit card, and track the order to your very doorstep. The delivery is safe and quick, and the shipping usually takes place within a day (3-5 days for international orders). Millions of US-based customers favor this app for its ease-of-use, reliability, and rich functionality. Its convenient search tools allow you to locate the most high-rated stores, restaurants, dry-cleaning businesses in your neighborhood for quick delivery of groceries, alcohol, office supplies, restaurant meals, and laundry. Use it to schedule a delivery of the needed goods to your doorstep or pick those up yourself without having to wait in line, arrange for regular re-orders of your favorites, and team up with your neighbors to organize a group order. Uber Eats The popular ride-sharing service tries to keep up with the current demands and offers its users to take advantage of the new handy food-delivery feature. Use the app to find and order from your favorite local restaurant or discover a new cool food place located nearby. Have your meals delivered to you right away or arrange the delivery for a particular time. Pay with a credit card or use your Uber credits. Do not forget to specify in the app if you want a contact-free delivery. The service is not limited to the USA, so, with any luck, you might be able to order on-demand food delivery in your city! DoorDash The service operates across the US and Canada and offers a wide range of restaurants featuring all kinds of cuisines to suit every taste. It is very easy to use the DoorDash app to place an order, reorder your favorites, arrange your meals to be delivered at the most convenient time, track the delivery from a restaurant to your door, or opt to pick up the order yourself. Also, you can use the app to arrange the delivery of alcohol from the nearest local liquor store if this is allowed by the law. From within the app, you can rate different food places so that other DoorDash users can see which restaurant prepares meals faster and which one has the best food quality-price ratio. Drizly Drizly will be most helpful to adult users seeking to buy alcohol and mixers. The neat app allows you to quickly find any alcoholic drinks you like, compare prices across various nearby liquor stores, and have your booze delivered to you within a couple of hours. Mind that the shipping might take up to a few days if you are located outside the fast-delivery zone. GrubHub  GrubHub is a great way to get any meals delivered to your place nice and hot. The service cooperates with 140,000 restaurants and has an exclusive partnership with some popular restaurant chains. The app has some of the best search and navigation tools, allowing you to filter the results by price, delivery time and fee, rating, and distance. Its payment options are many and varied, including payment in cash. One thing that users complain about is that GrubHub is not as upfront about its delivery fees as other similar food delivery services out there. Instacart Instacart is a reliable and steady application, which is primarily focused on grocery deliveries. However, groceries are not the only thing you can buy here: order anything from diapers to pot flowers and furniture from one of its 150 partner-stores and have it all conveniently delivered to your door in no time. Use exclusive coupons and discounts, take full advantage of the handy chat function, and try group shopping with your friends! Postmates Postmates partners with a large number of local retail stores and restaurants to bring groceries, restaurant meals, clothes, booze, and even smartphone chargers to your house 24/7.  In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the service introduced a contact-free delivery feature. goPuff goPuff is a top-notch delivery service with a selection of over 2,000 items: from snacks and drinks to OTC medications and cleaning stuff. It operates round-the-clock and can bring you anything you like for a reasonable fee of $1.95. BeyondMenu This one is a handy restaurant delivery app that includes traditional food delivery features and spans a rich variety of cuisines. Apply handy search filters, use coupons and special deals, arrange for quick doorstep delivery or pick up your meals yourself at a convenient time. Stay home, stay safe, stay fed! Not leaving your house is the smartest thing anyone can do to help put a stop to the virus spread. However, self-isolation does not mean you need to survive on bread and water alone or deprive yourself of the pleasure to have a Thai night every Friday. Choose one of the amazing top food delivery apps listed above and discover a new, fun way to enjoy your shopping, while not risking your life or endangering others. What is your go-to shopping application? Let us know in the comments if we are missing out on some neat smartphone solution for food and meal delivery. Don’t forget to share this article with friends and senior family members to keep them safely at home!25 Continue Reading Top-5 Great Video Chat Apps to Last You through the COVID-19 Outbreak Today, when entire countries are put on lockdown and people are advised to wait out the coronavirus crisis in self-isolation, apps for video chat have become the main means of communication for those of us who are distanced from their loved ones. If you have not yet decided which android app for video chat to use to always stay in touch with your friends and family, we have compiled a list of top-five most reliable and functional smartphone applications that will remove the boundaries of social distancing and bring you closer to one another. Skype It is safe to say that Skype is the best-known and most-favored free video chat tool that allows you to quickly connect with your friends and family around the world. This video-calling platform will be a suitable pick, even for less tech-savvy users due to its intuitive design and simple navigation. The smartphone app might feel a little limited compared to the desktop version; however, it still boasts a huge variety of helpful features such as free video calls to up to 25 people at a time, handy text chat for instant messaging, and a wide collection of emojis and emoticons to brighten up your communication. You can also use the app to leave voice messages whenever you fail to catch someone online, exchange videos and photos with your contacts, share your screen, and record your Skype sessions. Pros: fast, functional, easy integration with FB and Microsoft accounts; free to use. Cons: needs a good and stable Internet connection; uses your mobile data heavily. Google Hangouts This app is a great way to start video-chatting with your close ones without the need to download or sign up for anything. Google Hangouts comes preinstalled on Android smartphones and is automatically linked to your Google account. This cross-platform video-conferencing tool is very straightforward, clear, and free. It enables you to start a video chat with any of your Google or Gmail contacts, send messages even if the other party is offline, arrange group conference calls and video meetings, exchange multimedia files, and share your screen. The mobile application supports a wide choice of emojis, GIFs, maps, and allows posting status messages. Pros: free-to-use; excellent quality of the video; clear navigation. Cons: limited functionality when compared to other video chat apps. Zoom This simple but powerful video chat app has become extremely popular during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially among office workers and college students who are now confined to their homes but have to always be in touch and be able to gather online in large groups for a business meeting or a group study session. The free version of the application, while somewhat limited compared to its more advanced paid plans, is still enough to let you hold a 40-minute long video-conference featuring up to 100 partakers, make one-on-one calls, share your screen, and record Zoom meetings. Pros: free mobile version; no limit on one-on-one video calls; allows group meetings of up to 100 participants; has a cool whiteboarding feature; comes with many cool customization options. Cons: there are certain safety and privacy concerns associated with the use of the mobile app; extended functionality is only available in paid versions. Viber Viber is another well-known cross-platform application that has been around for many years and has accumulated tons of nice and useful features that can come in very handy during self-imposed isolation. The mobile app allows making free video and voice calls, exchanging instant text messages, videos, audio files, and images, organizing group chats, sharing contacts, following news feeds, and using emojis and stickers to liven up your virtual dialogs. You can also use the application to place landline and mobile calls to users outside your Viber list of contacts, but this feature is available for a fee. Pros: free; provides a secure channel for communication; texts are properly encrypted; a very user-friendly interface. Cons: needs a stable and uninterrupted Internet connection; otherwise, the sound/video quality drops significantly. JusTalk JusTalk is a lesser-known smartphone app, which is primarily geared towards fun and relaxed communication via video chatting. The app allows arranging 1-on-1 video calls as well as group meetings with unlimited participants, sending instant texts, sharing multimedia files, recording video and voice calls, translating voicemail to text, forwarding calls. You can use JusTalk to play fun games, doodle during video calls, use animated GIFs and stickers, change ringtones, and more. Pros: free, fun, and reliable way to stay in touch; tons of customization options. Cons: riddled with ads and in-app purchases; not very suitable for business communication. Be Сonnected While Staying Apart The social distancing definition broadly goes like this: “It’s a set of non-pharmaceutical measures assumed to stop the quick spread of an infectious disease by keeping a physical distance between people and limiting their close contacts with each other.” While social distancing is a crucial part of today’s coronavirus-fighting strategy that has proven to be effective for many countries, for those of us who are used to hugging, kissing, and shaking hands, staying at a distance from our close ones can be a real struggle. To make self-isolation less painful and emotionally stressful, try one of the amazing smartphone apps we recommended in this post. Also, make sure to teach your parents and senior family members how to install and use these awesome programs to be able to reach out to you whenever they feel lonely or need help. What smartphone video apps are you using? Do you know anyone who prefers a chat video app for PC instead? Tell us in the comments! Help our readers by sharing your ideas on how to leverage technologies to feel socially connected during the coronavirus pandemic.25 Continue Reading