HuntStand: Hunting Maps, GPS Tools, Weather

HuntStand Review. Hunting and Land Management Features in One App

With patented HuntZone technologies, get information on wind speed, directions and weather patterns and optimize your hunting experience right on your iOS or Google Android device.


The interface on both the iOS and Android app is great because it is very appropriate for mapping functions. The app has a Command Centre where you can access everything you need.  On the Mapping screen, you’ll see pins which you have previously plotted with GPS functions. The Parcel Info screen shows you a 2D satellite image of your marking area with Eastings and Northings and the area of the land. In your HuntZone screen, you’ll get a radial demarcation of your hunt area. You can even get a contour map view.

The app UI is powerful, and the app design efficient, and rates highly at a 10/10.

Key Features

After launching the iOS or APK, proceed to login to the app with your HuntStand account or create a new one.

The app allows you to work in both online and offline GPS environments, by syncing your account. Through the app, you can access property information for all parts of the country, including property ownership data. Through a variety of features and customized icons such as lines, place-marks, shapes, lines and scouting marks, you can map out your area.

You can keep track of the weather and plan out your hunting days. You can also make notes, save measurements and create and share maps with friends. The HuntZone feature is a real help when it comes to marking out and following the best hunting trails, making use of wind speed, direction, time and distance.

This is an app for all Android devices (Android 4.0 or higher) and their iOS counterparts (iOS 9.0 or later).

The functionality rates highly for me at a 10/10.


The APK and iOS version is seamless, and the Command Centre is intuitive. Weather data is sometimes a bit off, though customer service explains this as a possible fault with customers not getting the latest forecasts. The latest version comes with added KML support, an upgraded UI, better Share management and host of other features.

Some areas under Land Parcels are also not covered but this I also came to understand because the app only includes data for 95% of the country. The Add Friends option also doesn’t work for most users sometimes though mine worked with the last update. Overall, a great app with a few minor hitches. I give it a 9/10.

Both App Store and Google Play app for Huntstand are free. There are in-app purchases for Ads Free ($4.99) and Parcel Info ($11.99).

The Bottom Line

This is a really useful app for your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile. The app is a great help not just for hunters, but as a planning tool for hikers, adventurers, farmers, engineers, and surveyors. Some parcels of land might not be covered in the app, and weather data might not always be accurate, but this is dependent on customers getting the latest forecasts on their phones. Working offline is a great feature of this app. I’d definitely recommend it.

Interface 10

Key Features 10

Usability 9