Google's Bard AI Can Now Delve into YouTube Video Content

  • Greg Burn

Google's innovative chatbot, Bard, has recently upgraded its repertoire of features with an exciting new ability: It can now decode and respond to inquiries concerning the specifics of YouTube videos. This augmentation of the previously launched YouTube Extension in September allows users to not only locate videos but also engage with their content on a deeper level.

Google has been progressively enhancing Bard's functionalities, and the latest development signifies a notable leap. For example, previously, if someone was curious about the number of eggs needed for an olive oil cake recipe shown in a YouTube video, Bard was of no assistance. However, with the new update, this information is readily accessible through the chatbot.

The tech giant noted that this move is a response to the public's desire for more intricate interactions with video content. Through the enhanced YouTube Extension, users can converse with Bard about the nuances of a video, adding layers to the user experience. For example, if a viewer spots an intriguing location in a travel video, Bard can now identify and provide information about that particular place.

The announcement of Bard's new capabilities coincides with YouTube's experimental introduction of generative AI-driven features several weeks earlier. This initiative includes an AI tool that helps answer questions about the platform's vast video content, enhancing the viewing experience by allowing viewers to chat with the AI as the video plays in the background. Additionally, YouTube unveiled a feature that employs AI to summarize the main points from a video's comment section, offering a snapshot of public opinion and conversation.

As Google continues to widen the scope of Bard's availability, teenagers from most countries are now welcome to explore its functionalities. Recognizing the diverse needs and interests of the younger demographic, Google has emphasized Bard's versatility, from providing guidance on critical life decisions, such as college applications, to assisting with recreational activities, like picking up a new sport. This strategic move by Google opens a world of opportunities for both educational and entertainment purposes, exemplifying the company's commitment to evolving AI technology and its practical applications.