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It Takes the Latest iPad Pro to Enjoy New Zoom Features You have already heard the world about how great the hardware of the new generation iPad Pro is. So did Zoom. The popula... Continue Reading Facebook Makes Messenger API for Instagram Open One of the most important statements made at today’s F8 conference by Facebook concerns a popular business tool. M... Continue Reading Nintendo Switch Now Works as a Calculator It seems the last thing you might need in a gaming console (anyway you have such an app in your smartphone or even a fea... Continue Reading Facebook Starts Testing Its Clubhouse-Inspired Live Audio Rooms It has always been a matter of time before Facebook makes its own Clubhouse, and the moment is close. The social giant s... Continue Reading Mac Users Are Out of Danger Now Apple confirmed that they finally fixed a critical issue. An issue that could potentially put in danger millions of Mac... Continue Reading Samsung Employs Google Messages In the new smartphone line galaxy S21, Samsung will make Google Messages a default messaging app. Samsung is integrat... Continue Reading Microsoft Makes Timeline Syncing Paid Have been enjoying Timeline on your Windows, letting you always remember what you did at a certain moment? Clicking the... Continue Reading Apple Will Have Mercy on Parler Highly popular among conservative audiences, Parler social app will be restored on Apple App Store, the company promises... Continue Reading Spotify Launches Its Own In-App Voice Assistant Spotify seems to have found a new way to enhance the user experience. Both Android and iOS versions of the official app... Continue Reading Farewell LG Smartphones — Phone, Sweet Phone LG is closing its mobile phone division. Peaking in circa 2015, today LG smartphones lack everything: elegant design, ex... Continue Reading WhatsApp Chat History Will Be Transferable 1.5 billion users go to WhatsApp every month to do business, share memorable moments, gossip the latest rumors with frie... Continue Reading Snapchat Works on TikTok Features Alternatives Recently Snapchat shared the news with their fans that they are working on the Remix feature. Remix looks pretty similar... Continue Reading