Slugterra: Slug it Out 2

Slugterra: Slug It Out 2 Review — Slug 4 Life

You get to solve Match 3 puzzles, do some dueling and collecting/upgrading slugs. Download Slugterra to become the ultimate Slug Trainer!

Visuals and Sound

Slugterra exhibits nice and sleek 3D graphics with lively and dynamic animations. Everything's in motion, as you're trying to win another duel: light bugs in the background, you avatar named Eli, the opponents, etc. In other words, Slugterra has a great combat vibe. And even tile slugs, which you're supposed to match, teasingly wink at you as you struggle with another puzzle.

However, fighting mood is a bit undermined by meditative and relaxed music playing in the background. It's smooth beat and mellow synths would be a great addition to the menu or the slug-training facility. Why the battle theme features no shrieking rock guitars, violent drums and shamanistic percussions is quite a mystery.

Although animation & physics are very decent, FPS stuttering does occur sometimes. Especially it plagues older phones and tablets. Whenever you fire out another slug, it risks to get frozen right amidst its deadly flight. At the same time, it doesn't usually lead to Slugterra crashing.


Slugterra controlling tries to minimize your effort. And most of the time you'll have to glide one of your fingers over the screen or swap, matching the tiles. However, due to the game getting laggy sometimes, even the perfect technique may get sabotaged.

Plot and Gameplay

Slugterra knows how to make you interested. It knows how to make you fall in love with another duel. While you solve Match 3 puzzles, you're also charging up one of your slugs, which is used as living weaponry. As soon as one of the of them begins glowing, you can shoot out it right into your opponent, crippling their HP. This is actually enjoyable.

Each slug belongs to a certain element: Fire, Water, Solar, Lunar, etc. However, the biggest issue that Slugterra has is its lack of slugs. For certain elements, there's simply not enough of them to bring good long-term gameplay.

Apart from fighting, you must collect Evolution Stones to upgrade the sluggy boys and turn them into way more powerful creatures: Megamorphs.

Is it worth replaying?

Sadly, Slugterra has little content to be worth a replay so far. Once you're done with the campaign, you won't discover any new, exciting content. Let's wait until the slug roster is increased and story mode gets more missions/DLCs.

Bottom Line

Slugterra has wonderful visuals, effects and physics. It lacks content to keep you challenged for too long. But every TV show fan will appreciate the battle logic and strategy and also the original characters from the series.


  • Decent graphics
  • Puzzles
  • Cute slug models
  • Villains from the show


  • Missing elemental slugs
  • Short campaign
  • Insufficient content
  • No PvP

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 5