Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The goal is to become the Fall Guy, or the last man standing at the end of the game. Players are granted a crown if they win the game, and the fall guy gets a pail of water dumped on them. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fit for those who want a sillier and less violent battle royale game.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game that has less violence and more goofiness. Compete with a bunch of players and snatch a Crown at the end of a crazy tournament — just download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout system requirements are humble. But inside its 2 GB of data they managed to cram vibrant, juicy and visually explosive pandemonium. The game displays every rainbow color adding to it a fat dose of saturation and glitter.

Physics are everything here. Jumps, falls, stumbles, hits — they are straight from the world of slapstick comedy. So, each time your foe trips and falls, you can almost feel their pain. Pain from dealing with gravity and losing a chance to grab that sweet Crown.


Fall Guys is a delicious treat for all battle royale fans. It’s quirky, fast-paced and charged with a healthy dosage of laughter. And even if there’s a fat portion of frustration too, it only makes it better like salt put on the caramelized pretzel. So, if you’re tired of battle.


  • Flashy visuals
  • Tactile physics
  • Plenty of minigames
  • A big online community
  • If you enjoy quick, energetic matches and a good giggle instead of firing a round of bullets — download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!


  • There’s always a match to join and more Crowns to win
  • But the real pain in the neck here is the clumsy choreography that the jelly munchkins demonstrate
  • And it makes controlling them a real challenge similarly to Human: Fall Flat or Octodad

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9