Top 3 Video Conferencing Apps of 2021

Video conferences became the biggest thing when office jobs went remote in 2020, and so they remain in 2021. Don’t you know people who, having tasted the remote work, stick to it even despite being vaccinated? Well, the good experience they’re in for is partly a result of great video conferencing services that made remote collaboration great. Here are the three of them we consider the best in 2021. 

A little disclaimer: we consider these apps to be a corporate standard rather than small talk tools. So the price is not as important as what you get for your money with any paid subscription.  

Cisco Webex

When we say “network”, we mean Cisco to some extent. The company that specializes in network solutions offers its own video conferencing tool, with unlimited number of users and unlimited length of meetings even for free accounts! Along with that, it has a voice assistant (great if conference catches you behind the wheel), a cloud for each participant, and great video and audio quality for both desktop and mobile apps. 

And if there is one reason to prefer Cisco over Zoom and other rivals, it’s the security. The encryption level it provides beats all the competition. 

Microsoft Team

The greatest thing about the video conferencing service by Microsoft is its integration with other services long familiar. It comes as a part of Microsoft 365 subscription that also includes a license for MS Office, and it only takes a Microsoft account you probably already have to fully participate. Even this is not necessary when an outsider gets invited: web interfaces allow them to join without being a member of the team. 

As for Team itself, it combines features like video and voice conferencing, virtual or blurred backgrounds, screen sharing, video and audio recording, and document exchange. With an integrated team calendar, you can schedule events and get notified about upcoming meetings. But, again, what makes MS Team attractive is that you probably already have all it takes. 


The undisputed number one, Zoom creates the perfect environment for work or studying. Great video and audio quality, features like virtual backgrounds and focusing on the active speaker, access control, and stuff – it all makes Zoom the service of choice. In response to some security issues, Zoom implemented better privacy protection, like encryption by default.

The killing feature is reasonable pricing and a good array of features with free access, so others had to follow the suite and review their pricing policy. These features include screen sharing, recording, a virtual office board, automatic switching to the active speaker, mic and camera control by the presenter, and so on. 


It’s the sort of competition that sends Google and TeamViewer to “also-ran” category. But they (as well as BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and even the good old Skype) have their pros as well. So let’s choose your favorite video conferencing service in the comments, or share this on Facebook and Twitter to discuss it with your friends.

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