Top 5 TikTok Hashtags for Boosting Your Views

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 10 Feb 2022

These days, TikTok is massively popular. It’s chock-full with people and their videos. Therefore, today, making your TikTok content stand out from the crowd requires some hard work and knowledge. For sure, creating top-notch content for TikTok is not exactly the same as getting the app users to pay attention to it. However, if you make the most of the best TikTok hashtags, you are sure to increase your chances of boosting your video views and ultimately attract tons of new followers. In this post, we’ll cover the best TikTok hashtags for boosting your views and growing your audience. Stay tuned.

Reasons to Use TikTok Hashtags

Hashtags are vital to use on TikTok, for they’re very effective when it comes to expanding your reach beyond your current followers. Hashtags aid the service’s algorithms in recommending your page to your potential target audience. Furthermore, thanks to hashtags containing your target keywords or phrases, like-minded people get to find your page faster. For example, if someone is searching for funny videos with cats, they can just browse through vids tagged #cats or #funnycats. 

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably aware that you get to follow specific hashtags on TikTok. It means that if you use this handy instrument wisely, you will show up in your target audience’s feed every time you post a TikTok video. Yep, even if they’re not your direct followers. As a matter of fact, Instagram has the same feature as well. 

Last but not least, embracing hashtags will assist you in building a powerful online community around your profile and the topic you’re interested in. Stimulate others to utilize hashtags, or have a blast commenting on their videos labeled with the hashtags you’re focused on. In other words, have fun creating a mini-platform for like-minded folks and passionate enthusiasts within your specific niche.

So, What Are the Hottest Hashtags?

Let the list below become your foundation for enhancing your brand’s visibility and becoming TikTok-famous in the long run. So, here are 5 most popular TikTok hashtags:

  • #foryou;

  • #foryoupage;

  • #fyp;

  • #duet;

  • #tiktok.

The first three of these trending key phrases deal with one and the same concept. Let us let you in on the details. FYP, also referred to as ‘For You’ or ‘For You Page,’ serves as a standalone landing page that displays videos that may appeal to you, according to the service’s algorithms. TikTokers frequently hashtag their content respectively hoping that it will make it onto others’ FYP, hence the immense popularity of this hashtag and its derivatives. 

A vital point to consider: the trendiest hashtags get the most attention, that’s a fact. However, that’s where you’ll find your biggest competition for that attention. With that said, the strategy of sticking with the hottest TikTok hashtags may end up effective only if you pair them with less popular phrases related to the topic of your content or your business niche. 

Here’s a guide to finding the best hashtags for your vids:

  • analyze your competitors: playing copycat is unnecessary, but stealing like an artist will surely do the trick;

  • find inspiration in your audience’s hashtags: chances are a lot of your potential followers use the same pattern;

  • work up a branded hashtag: invent your own hashtag and stimulate your followers to use it.

Cutting to the Chase: Time to Tag!

Now that you know a thing or two on the topic of boost-your-visibility hashtags, go ahead and start tagging like a pro. Remember that popular hashtags are constantly in flux, so make sure you bookmark our website to keep tabs on the newest trends on the scene. Have anything to add on the topic? You’re welcome to have your say in the comment box below. We’re looking forward to your two cents.

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