7 Reasons to Wait for iPhone 13

The more information about the upcoming iPhone leaks out, the more curious we become. Still, for all we know, the next iPhone will be worth the wait. And while so far the bestselling phone by Apple is iPhone 11 from 2019, there are reasons to look for the next one and plan the purchase as soon as it hits the stores.

A Bigger Battery

Well, hardly will we remember an event where Apple’s spokespersons don’t highlight an improved battery of the new iPhone. But what we expect this year is a revolution rather than evolution. And the rumor has it that Apple pays more attention than usual to this in 2021. Well, that’s never a bad move.

An Improved Display

Not only will the display of the new iPhone be larger (at the expense of the smaller notch). It may also inherit features that Apple promoted in its Pro series. Chances are Apple will apply the 120 Hz technologies it’s been using in iPads since 2017 to the new iPhones. Hardly will it offer the Liquid Retina HDR technology introduced in 2021’s iPad Pro. But even if we finally get 120 Hz (or even higher refresh rate, like, say, 144 Hz), it alone will be worth the wait.

Other features may include increased brightness and better energy consumption. Still, every new iPhone shows some improvement when it comes to screens. We only hope Apple uses the technologies it has already mastered.

New Cameras

The improvements will include a larger sensor, new lenses, and the new ultrawide camera with better low-light sensitivity (meaning even better night mode). Another innovation is portrait mode coming to videos, focusing on human faces and blurring backgrounds in real time. Astrophotography will also be improved. In addition, there will be less (or even no) difference between cameras in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Better Connectivity

And it’s not only about 5G and Wi-Fi which will be upgraded to the latest standards. Yes, Wi-Fi 6E (6 GHz) was mentioned in rumors and leaks, as well as Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 that can become the new iPhone’s modem. But what’s also worth expecting is new features of AirPlay, Find My, and MagSafe. That’s where the wow potential lives.

More Local Storage 

Clouds, they say. Apple has a reason to promote its iCloud, given how tightly it’s integrated with both iOS and Mac OS. Still, we’d like to have more storage for apps and games, pics and videos. And iPhone 13 (as the leaks have it) will be the first iPhone with 1 TB onboard storage. Yes, it means you will need a larger iCloud drive for backups, but having 1 TB in your phone is a dream.

Reinvented Touch ID

It’s lockdown time that made us regret about losing Touch ID in favor of Face ID. iPhone 13, though, is reported to have a new generation Touch ID scanner, integrated into the display. As Apple tends to do perfectly or do not (there is no try), this time the other vendors may have a sudden lesson to study and follow, and for us users there will be a way to unlock an iPhone with a mask still on. 

Portless Design?

It’s the less probable of what may happen to iPhone in 2021, and many experts recommend not to expect this. Still, it would be great to see one, even as a special limited edition for all the money in the world. Ditching the audio jack was only the beginning, we suppose, and introduction of MagSafe last year shows the way.

And One More Thing…

The most important thing about the new iPhone, of course, is the color! What new colors will Apple introduce this year? No one says a word about it, so this must be the secret they keep the hardest. It may be a joke, but we know how new colors boost sales, so…

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