A Comprehensive Guide on Conquering Gentle Gaverus, the Mistress of Hounds in Lords of the Fallen

  • Samanta Blumberg

Pilgrim's Perch is a treacherous descent in Lords of the Fallen, riddled with numerous foes, including a mini-boss battle at the end with the Mistress of Hounds, Gentle Gaverus. With a pack of attack dogs alongside her, this fight can become overwhelmingly challenging. However, fear not! By following these strategic steps, you'll emerge victorious in this grueling battle.

Step 1: Be Prepared

Be Prepared

Before you stride into the Forsaken Fen and face Gentle Gaverus, ensure that you’re armed adequately. Equip a heavy two-handed weapon, preferably a spear, staff, or any grand weapon. These weapons can strike multiple enemies at once, and unlike lighter one-handed options, they won't be deflected by the steel muzzles of the dogs. This strategy will not only help you face the dogs but also Gaverus' deadly ranged attacks.

Step 2: Strategize And Execute

Engaging in combat with Gentle Gaverus and her hounds requires skill and strategy. Begin by trying to line up all your adversaries so that a single swing of your mighty weapon can strike them all. Keep your focus on Gaverus while keeping track of the dogs from the corner of your eyes. The dogs have predictable attacks that can be easily avoided. Preserve your stamina and dodge most of Gaverus' attacks by simply sprinting sideways. When she kneels down, seize that moment to spring behind her and unleash a flurry of strikes.

Step 3: Make Use Of Ranged Attacks

Make Use Of Ranged Attacks

During this intense confrontation, don't hesitate to exploit the potential of your ranged Area-of-Effect (AOE) attacks. The Hallowed Knight's grenades can be particularly effective, as they can strike Gaverus and her dogs simultaneously. Another powerful aid is the Blessed Reflections Radiance spell, granted you've procured it from Molhu at Skyrest Bridge. This magical assault is tremendously potent against the Mistress and her hounds.

Step 4: Steady Focus And Persistence

Remember, the key to overcoming this convoluted encounter is maintaining a keen focus on Gaverus while constantly being wary of the dogs. Their attacks, however telegraphed, can still cause significant damage if not dodged appropriately. Keep chipping away at Gaverus' HP, managing your position and stamina, until she finally falls. Always stay aware of your surroundings and maintain a well-balanced strategy throughout this taxing battle.

In conclusion, the Mistress of Hounds, Gentle Gaverus, may present a formidable challenge, but with the right tactics, you will be the one to see victory. Race your heart, grip your weapon, and charge into the Forsaken Fen for a battle of the ages!