Clubhouse: All About Top-Trending Social Media App

  • Samanta Blumberg

Clubhouse has quickly become the hottest and the most discussed social media app. Oprah, Musk, and many other celebrities are already in. But what’s so cool about it? We’ve already tested the app to deliver the details to you. Here’s what we discovered. 

A Bit On The Features

The Clubhouse app isn’t a social media app in the traditional sense. First of all, you have to achieve the right to receive an invite to get in. Second, you can do it only if you use an iPhone. When you get in, you can wander through the ‘hallways’ and get into conversation rooms where people discuss certain topics. You can listen to both your neighbors and top celebrities! The app features no posts and feeds – it’s only about people talking live. 

You never know who’s talking at the moment. For example, Elon Musk announced that he wants to have a chat with Kanye West and Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, the second didn’t even understand what the invite means and refused immediately. 

The Flow

When you manage to join, you can choose your interest range, and the algorithm will recommend rooms you can follow or join. The app is all live and doesn’t allow video recording, so the chances to see a conversation if you miss it is very low. The conversations are thoroughly moderated to block trolls and ensure that everyone has a fair share of ‘stage’ time. 

Can You Get an Invite?


It’s impossible to open the App Store and download the app. It’s accessible only through invites from active Clubhouse users. Another limitation is that active users can invite only 2 new users! That’s how toughly exclusive it is. Developers report the app will soon leave the beta-testing stage and reach Android. This will broaden the audience for sure.

Is the concept exciting for you? Would you search for someone to invite you? Share this piece with your friends, and maybe you’ll get an invite from one of them soon!