Swiftly Ascend The Ranks Of Enchanting In Skyrim: Comprehensive How-To Guide

  • Samanta Blumberg

As part of the mesmerizing realm of Skyrim, the art of Enchanting carries immense power - when honed to perfection. This guide aims to delineate a step-by-step progression through which you can master this arcane artistry swiftly and smoothly.

Step 1: Exploit XP Boosts

Exploit XP Boosts

The most efficient path to quickly mastering Enchantment lies in capitalizing upon the game's hidden XP bonuses. Connect with the Mage Stone and the Lover Stone, both of which boost XP gains for Enchanting.

For an effective combination, equip the Aetherial Crown, which allows these two bonuses, amounting up to a 35% boost. Additionally, consider gathering Ahzidal's Armor set available in Solstheim, offering an extra 10% boost to Enchanting.

Step 2: Disenchant the Spare Equipment

As an ardent enchanter, make a habit of Disenchanting any spare gear. Every piece disenchanted adds significantly to your Enchanting XP. It's crucial to utilize fairly mundane items to learn their enchantments and apply these to better-suited gear later on.

Step 3: Seek Enchanting Trainers

Seek Enchanting Trainers

Efficiency improves with expert guidance. Thankfully, Skyrim is home to several Enchanting trainers who can help you enhance your skills. Sergius Turrianus at the College of Winterhold can train you up until Enchanting 75. Beyond that, turn to Neloth in Solstheim or Hamal in Markarth's Temple of Dibella.

Step 4: Harness The Power Of The Soul Gem

Soul Gems are indispensable to Skyrim's enchanters. Either use them directly for Enchanting or use them to recharge drained enchantments on weapons. Remember to always carry the Soul Trap spell, or even better, imbrue it onto your weapon for regular Soul Gem fills.

Step 5: Collect and Refill Soul Gems

Collect and Refill Soul Gems

The secret to quick Enchanting lies in constant Soul-trapping. Keep your Soul Gems filled at all times. You can harvest Soul Gems from specific locations or adversaries, or you can purchase them from various Skyrim merchants.

Step 6: Choose the Right Gear for Enchantment

Once you have a cache of filled Soul Gems, it's time to enchant. Opt for lightweight items, as the Enchantment's power, not the item's strength, determines XP gain. Consider enchanting Daggers, Helmets, or Bracers that do not overly burden your inventory.

Step 7: Conserve the Skill Books

Conserve the Skill Books

Your Enchanting journey may lead you to various Skill Books, but here's a tip: put off reading these until your Enchanting level peaks at 90. At this point, consume the Oghma Infinium, which boosts your Enchanting level to 95, before seeking out the remaining Skill Books.

In the mesmerizing land of Skyrim, mastering Enchanting is a true game-changer. This comprehensive guide provides a strategic pathway to skill mastery. It might demand time and patience, but the end rewards are certainly worth the effort. Happy Enchanting!