Unlock the Mysteries of Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Ultimate Guide to Acquiring Swamp Water

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 07 Sep 2023

Welcome, adventurer! If you're embarking on the enchanted journey of the Frozen Memories quest in the magical realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you've come to the right place. Let's discover together how to find the elusive Swamp Water, a key ingredient needed for helping Kristoff regain his lost memories of Anna!

Step 1: Participate in the Frozen Memories Quest

Participate in the Frozen Memories Quest

To begin with, immerse yourself in the captivating tale of the Frozen Memories quest. This quest revolves around aiding Kristoff, one of Dreamlight Valley's endearing characters who unfortunately suffered memory loss during the Forgetting. Your noble mission? Help Kristoff in piecing together his past association with Anna using a unique spell that necessitates two ingredients - Swamp Water is one of them.

Step 2: Unlock the Glade of Trust Biome

The journey to locating Swamp Water will lead you to the serene Glade of Trust biome. You can traverse this realm by parting with 5,000 Dreamlight - a currency earned by tackling and completing Dreamlight duties. Once you’ve unlocked this peaceful biome, the quest for Swamp Water begins!

Step 3: Locate and Collect the Swamp Water

Locate and Collect the Swamp Water

In the Glade of Trust biome, make your merry way to the tranquil pond. Keep your eyes open for any sparkling materials that indicate the presence of Swamp Water. Interact with Swamp Water when you find it, and voila! You've collected the first ingredient. Remember, you'll have to repeat this process until you collect a total of three Swamp Water for the magical spell.

Step 4: Find the Aquamarine Gem

Upon accomplishing your Swamp Water collection, you next need to seek out the second spell ingredient - an Aquamarine gem. This precious gem resides in the rock spots of both the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach biomes, unlockable with 1,000 and 3,000 Dreamlights, respectively. Equip your trusty pickaxe, move towards the rocks, and let's get mining!

Step 5: Return to Elsa with the Ingredients

Return to Elsa with the Ingredients

With both Swamp Water and the Aquamarine gem safely in your possession, it's time to report back to Elsa. Hand over the crucial elements for the spell, and you are one step closer to restoring Kristoff's memories.

Here's a noteworthy tip - Swamp Water, unlike other materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley, isn't sellable at Goofy’s shops, and you can't gift it to NPCs to bolster friendship levels. It's strictly an ingredient for the Frozen Memories quest! Happy adventuring!