Apple Can Get a Fine If It Does Not Add Alternative In-App Payments

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 30 Dec 2021

Netherland Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) wrote a ruling that asked Apple to add alternative in-app payment methods for dating programs. It decided to check these apps after the complaint from Match Group. It’s a developer of popular Tinder, OkCupid, and App Store allows only one payment method, and Apple can get up to 30% profit from each transaction. The rules don’t allow to add any other way to make in-app purchases. The Chairman of the board of ACM says that Apple has a privileged position, but it should consider the interests of apps developers too. 

This ruling doesn’t relate to other app categories. It’s probably because there were fewer complaints from game apps. However, it’s not known what ACM will investigate in the future and what other rulings it will release. Now, Apple should allow alternative in-app payment methods by January 15th. There is another point stated in the report. Apple has to notify users that apps have other payment methods before they download them. Not all customers will know about this update, so it’s significant to write about this in the description. 

If Apple doesn’t do so in time, it will face a fine of 5 million euros per week until it pays 50 million. The company doesn’t agree with such a ruling though. Apple has filed an appeal, and it’s not planning to change its policy. Its representative also noted that Apple used a large number of resources to help dating apps find users. It means the percent it gets from in-app payments is fair according to EU and Dutch law. However, Apple has already allowed a few apps like Netflix and Spotify to link customers to their sign-up websites. It allows dismissing of the Apple payment method too. 

Do you think Apple’s payment method is fair or not? Would you like to have other ways to make in-app purchases? Leave your thoughts about this news in the comment section below.

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