Australia Plans to Stop Google’s Add Monopoly

According to the Australian antitrust watchdog, Google has created a monopoly on the market. It limits the possibilities of other advertisers, publishers, and even hurts consumers. The report that was published this Tuesday mentions Australia, Britain, and the EU as countries that want to limit Alphabet Inc’s dominance.

Google beats its rivals by gathering data from users based on their current locations, maps they are searching for, and YouTube preferences. Companies that don’t have access to such information do not get an equal chance to gain more customers. Google’s most popular source of targeted ads is the online search users made.

This is not the first time Google is blamed for its obvious market monopoly by world countries. The US officials are making a lawsuit on the anti-monopoly grounds to restrict Google’s activity. The company uses the search system to overcome any rivalry.
The head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims, told the press that they are planning on joining the common measures created by the UK and Europeans against Alphabet’s monopoly. Australia will join the union forces with these countries next year. He said that right now Australia is approaching the same laws as these countries.

Only this year, ACCC recommended forcing Google to pay the compensation to the media companies for their content that brings the audience to them and increases traffic. Google said that they had to withdraw some services because of this law. This decision was beneficial for local outlets.

According to Google, their company created more than 15 000 jobs for Australians. Every year, their actions bring $2.45 billion to the economy of Australia. Google says that they receive this money from their advertising technology.

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