Clubhouse App Is Coming to Android Devices in Just a Few Months

  • Greg Burn

Social audio app Clubhouse has finally shed some light on the situation surrounding the long-promised launch of its Android app. According to Paul Davidson – the company’s CEO and co-founder, Clubhouse is planning to roll out its much-anticipated Android version sometime around June 2021.

The company was likely forced to speed up the development of its Android application in the wake of the increased activity of scammers. Thus, there have been reports of the new Trojan program distributed under the guise of the yet nonexistent Clubhouse Android version. The malicious software works by stealing your login credentials for more than 450 apps and can easily dodge SMS-based two-factor authentication.

As Clubhouse is upscaling, it also plans to introduce several other changes, such as tweaks to the Activity feed, new tools for enhanced control over push notifications, and more personalization features.

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