Dynamic Lyrics Feature Unveiled in YouTube Music for iOS and Android

  • Samanta Blumberg

YouTube Music is enhancing its listener experience by introducing live lyrics for Android and iOS users, in a similar style to Spotify. The feature was first noticed in April and has now been made widely available, but is not yet applicable to all songs.

A report by 9to5Google confirmed that YouTube Music's live lyrics feature is now available. The feature highlights the corresponding lyric in white as it is sung, and the remaining lyrics appear in a faint grey text. The presence of this live lyrics feature was independently confirmed by Gadgets360 on the YouTube Music app.

To utilise the live lyrics feature, users can select a song with lyrics included, then navigate to the Lyrics tab in the Now Playing screen. If users encounter issues accessing live lyrics, force shutting the app is advisable. However, not all songs have the live lyrics feature enabled and users may have to be patient to gain access to this feature for their favourite songs if they are not currently available.

The earlier reports from April also highlighted the noticeable enlargement in text size and spacing, compared to the static lyrics that YouTube Music previously offered. 

As a point of reference, Spotify first launched their live lyrics feature in June 2020 for selected countries, including India, before expanding to additional markets by November 2021.