Elon Musk Keeps from Joining the Twitter Board

  • Greg Burn
  • 11 Apr 2022

Despite his recent acquisition of 9.1% stakes of Twitter Inc., Elon Musk is not joining the board. This was stated on Tuesday, April 12, by Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter. According to Musk himself, he has long-time plans for improvements on Twitter, but he decides to refrain from taking immediate power within the service.

Initially, his plans included joining the board. The appointment was to take place on Saturday, April 9. On the same day, though, Mask stated that he would not join the board. The reasons behind his retreat are not disclosed, but the board, according to the tweet by Parag Agrawal, remains open to any initiative from Musk’s side. One of these initiatives that Musk has already articulated is an edit button allowing users to edit their tweets and replies, and the poll of his account shows that almost 3/4 users support this idea.

Possibly Musk reconsidered his plans because of his further ambitions. A member of the board is not allowed to own more than 14/9% of Twitter shares. If he plans to amplify his presence by acquiring more shares, his membership would prevent him from strengthening his position.

It’s not the first time Elon Musk takes seemingly controversial steps while championing freedom of speech. His company StarLink, for example, provided Ukraine with thousands of terminals in wake of the Russian invasion. Yet he refused to ban even those Russian and pro-Russian channels and pages that were sanctioned, despite all his support for Ukraine. This time, he has both reasons and possibilities to join the board on Twitter, and yet he doesn’t.

Do you think Musk does it for the common benefit? And how soon do you expect the Edit button to appear? And why does he refuse to join the board? Welcome to our comments where you can share your hopes and expectations!


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