Facebook Makes Messenger API for Instagram Open

One of the most important statements made at today’s F8 conference by Facebook concerns a popular business tool. Messenger API for Instagram becomes open for everyone, which will affect all the businesses present on the platform. It boosts both the advertising potential of the platform and communication between businesses over Instagram matters.

The advantage of the open API is that businesses don’t have to contact the user directly via Instagram or Facebook business inbox. Now messaging can be integrated into third-party apps that can be used as dashboards, with more advanced automation, data analysis, personal approach, and other features. For example, businesses will be able to integrate user loyalty card numbers into the system and provide personalized offers.

The new API will become available gradually. First, it will embrace the users with 10K-100K subscribers, then, in July, those with 1K-100K, and finally, in Q3, the rest. Its beta testing started in October, and the result for the selected 30 developers and 700 brands was found promising. Expect further moves, as Facebook intends to unleash the potential of all the messengers and social services it controls now, including Oculus.

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