Facebook Starts Testing Its Clubhouse-Inspired Live Audio Rooms

It has always been a matter of time before Facebook makes its own Clubhouse, and the moment is close. The social giant starts real-life testing of Live Audio Rooms, its audio-only service using Facebook accounts and delivering Clubhouse experience.

The first country to become a polygon for the tests is Taiwan, where Facebook has already contacted local celebrities and content creators to attract more audience. Live Audio Rooms will soon be inhabited by popular speakers and those eager to listen to them. Given that they will use their Facebook accounts to authorize, the company will gather tons of data on users and their behavior. It won’t be long before the audience grabs the chance, given how much of political process of Taiwan takes place on Facebook.

The current vision implies that Live Audio Rooms will be brought to Facebook Groups and blended with Stars feature. Another audio-only feature Facebook is to implement is podcast integration. When it’s done, Facebook users will be able to listen to podcasts right in the main app, just like now the app has its built-in Spotify player. This will make discussing and sharing podcasts easier. As for Clubhouse, it can be rendered useless this way, though its release on Android may boost its popularity again.

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