Fallout Shelter Vaults Became a Birthplace for 1.6B Babies

  • Samanta Blumberg
  • 26 Jun 2022

Fallout Shelter, the free-to-play online take on the famous post-apocalyptic franchise by Bethesda, has been around for seven years. Now it’s time to review its performance, and given how many players have tried their skills at postnuclear shelter management, the game is among the most successful. And the increase of the population in this game can be compared to that of the real world.
The aim of the game is to provide the survivors of the nuclear war with facilities and amenities for a normal life, so they can work, rest, live happy lives, and have families. The latter assumes that there will be children; isn’t that the main condition for the civilization to survive? And players are great at motivating their dwellers into giving birth and multiplying.

Since the launch of the game, about 1.5 billion babies have been born in the vaults of Fallout Shelter. Given this tempo, the population of the Earth would have recovered quite soon.

Even if we consider the mortality among the dwellers, there are about 500M virtual inhabitants who have lived their lives to the end – much fewer than those born into this world. About the same number of items have been crafted. It took 235M vaults to achieve these numbers through millions of infestations and attacks.

The game is available on various platforms: mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Steam), and consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch). It’s free to play but (of course) supports microtransactions that are necessary when you want to accelerate your progress or quickly fix a weakness in your vault organization.

Have you played Fallout Shelter, or do you still play it? Did you like the game? On which platforms did you try it? And how large a population did your vault reach? Welcome to our little nuclear survivor club in the comments!


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