Farewell LG Smartphones — Phone, Sweet Phone

  • Samanta Blumberg

LG is closing its mobile phone division. Peaking in circa 2015, today LG smartphones lack everything: elegant design, excellent features, status, and affordable prices. 

No wonder brands like Xiaomi, with their high-resolution cameras, lots of storage, and acceptable price tags, are taking LG’s bread in many countries from Mexico to Turkey.

The company’s bosses decided on April 5. The employment status of the LG’s staff involved in phone-making is yet undetermined. As for the remaining smartphones — retailers will continue selling them until they run out of stock.

The decision means two things. First, it seems LG will never premier their rollable smartphone promised to see the light this spring. 

Second, LG’s stock price may grow a little, as getting rid of a loss-making business branch always impacts the company’s overall well-being.

From now on, LG will solely focus on domestic appliances, smart home systems, a cluster of connected devices, and B2B hi-tech. 

But we’ll never forget LG G3 — perhaps the company’s best phone ever released in 2014.  Vine was still alive, nobody heard of TikTok, and selfies with face masks weren’t a trend...