Following Paralympic Games With Facebook Made Easy

Facebook developers have added new handy features to their services that will appeal to all sports fans. By the Paralympic Games beginning, tools appeared on the popular social network to help users keep up with the latest events. Read more about the innovations and how they affect the offline world below.

Now you have access to a single Paralympics hub, which provides information on the latest results and outstanding events. There are profiles of individual athletes, whole teams, related posts, and even interactive quizzes with which you can test your knowledge of sports. For the latest news, use the #Paralympics hashtag. The content became available to users on 23rd August. Whether it will persist after the end of the Games is not yet clear.

The innovations also affected Instagram. Now you can try a thematic AR effect that copies a Paralympics mascot called Someity. Check out the official Games account for more exciting information on the history and the rules of some activities. Moreover, you can find another new AR effect in the @Wethe15 account. The 'We the 15' campaign works to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities. The name references the fact that such persons are 15% of the total world population.

Overall, ahead of this big sporting event, Facebook has shared a lot of new content: behind-the-scenes videos, live streams, a short film supporting the Paralympians, and more. All of this is done to increase user awareness and engagement. Through detailed stories about people with disabilities, the company contributes to positive changes in their attitude. According to Facebook representatives, they strive to connect users on the network and thus impact the real world.

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