Gamers that Use ChromeOS Will Now Get Access to More Exciting Features

  • Greg Burn

It has been more than half a year since the alpha client of Steam launched in ChromeOS, and now it seems that more changes are finally happening. Previously, users had to run on Google’s Dev channel to have an opportunity to install Steam. With Steam for Chromebooks finally being moved to the beta stage, the situation will be completely different. 

According to Google, the company is finally introducing support for Intel 12th Gen Core CPUs and the C-series of AMD Ryzen 5000. Both of them should provide decent levels of power for successful gaming. Gaming on ChromeOS is finally stepping up with the support for a range of different hardware.

There has been a significant change associated with Steam going from its alpha stage to the beta one. Google is currently all about enhancing the experience for users and bringing performance to the next level. Some of the aspects that the company is focused on include providing support for Vulkan 13, boosting power management, and providing fixes for high-resolution

There has also been an improvement in local storage, as it now becomes easier for games to get DLC from other sources outside of Steam. The installation process has also become quick and easy, but the most important part of the update is the extended software support. Google has introduced a wide range of new games and the company has also mentioned that players can expect more games coming their way in the near future.

If you are interested in seeing all the changes associated with the move to beta, you can always look them up on the official dev blog of the ChromeOS team. This is especially relevant if you experience some issues with either compatibility or performance.

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