Groupon Deals to Appear in Google Pay

  • Greg Burn
  • 03 Nov 2021

Groupon has always been a very popular app for checking out discounts from various local stores and nationwide networks, and it’s coming to the Google Pay app. Now all the offers will be available right through the payment app and save you more time and money on all sorts of goods.

Helping Small Business

As Google says, the decision to integrate Groupon into its payment app is called to help small businesses find their customers faster. At the same time, eager customers will quickly find the stores they potentially want to visit both online and offline. The update will make it easier to explore local markets. However, it’s not clear whether the company will charge any advertisement fees from small business owners for offering their coupons to users. Most probably, all the offers will be listed based on categories, buyers’ purchase history, location, and other information.

Acquisition Prospects

As you may know, Google has already tried to acquire Groupon for $6 billion in 2010. The platform decided to spurn the offer and keep going its own way. Today, the two companies are collaborating, but can it be a sign that Google is going to make Groupon another offer? Even if not, Google will get access to the extensive Groupon user base as well as let the coupon aggregator work with millions of Google users in the US. It seems that Google got what it wanted free of charge. 

Not Clear Yet

It’s still not quite clear how the integration will look in the Google Pay app as the tech giant decided not to reveal it right until the release of the feature in the first half of 2022. How do you think the feature will look like? Does Groupon help you save up today? Share the announcement with other Google Pay users and let’s discuss it in the comments together.

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