Instagram for iOS May Soon Show Suggested Posts

New features constantly come to Instagram. Right after Instagram let its Mac users create new posts and upload pictures from Safari, the app for iOS is getting another innovation. Like other popular social media apps, Instagram will soon show its users suggested posts. The AI will analyze the user’s preferences and predict what posts they may like, to show them this very type of content. 

If it happens, there will be no special tab for suggestions, like the one that’s combined with Search now. Instead, the suggestions will appear in the main feed. Now the only way to see suggested posts in your feed is to look through all the unseen posts of your friends or accounts you follow. After the new feature rolls out, the suggested posts will enter the feed and appear among those of your friends. The user will, though, be able to fine-tune the suggestions, probably by liking certain posts and ignoring others.

The chosen few are already enjoying this new feature. But the feature rolls out gradually, and it’s not quite sure so far whether it will become available country by country or depending on the device and the iOS version. Neither is it sure when the new suggestions will make it to Android devices.

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