Instagram Is Ditching ‘Swipe-up’ in Favor of Stickers

The swipe-up is a well-known function to all Instagram users, but now the app will face some changes ditching this gesture in Instagram Stories. This feature is originally designed to quickly and easily redirect people to external websites. Thus, the user can immediately access the product or anything else that the creator is promoting. Instead of a Swipe function, an innovation awaits us in the form of Link stickers.

New Life for Old Feature 

These stickers will work in the same way as the link that exists so far, but instead of having to scroll up in the story, you will only have to press the sticker to access the link. The company says the move aims to simplify the Stories creation experience. It also adds visual variety by choosing the form of the look of the stickers rather than swiping up. 

The old function is planned to be replaced by stickers on August 30. The update will affect only business and creator accounts who are either verified or who have met the threshold for follower count. 

Main Changes

The main advantages of the upcoming feature are that brands or verified users will have more control and possibilities over their Stories. You can choose the style of the sticker that suits you, resize it and place it anywhere you like in the story. The other necessary difference between the two features is that viewers can respond to Stories with a link sticker but cannot do the same to swipe up stories. It should improve participation in your Stories. 

The Swipe function has become very significant for Instagram, so it will be interesting to see the reactions to the new version. What do you think about this update? Let us know in the comment section below. Don't forget to share this article with your friends if you liked it.

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