Instagram Lite Relaunched: It’s Only 2MB!

  • Greg Burn

Finally, the devices with a low amount of processing power will receive a swift, stable, and lightweight Instagram version. Facebook reports that the new app is only 2MB, but lets users obtain the essential original options, such as contact feed viewing and content uploading. On the app presentation, Instagram Lite developers said that the new Android app’s primary mission is to help people from remote locations and rural communities access the platform with minimal data consumption. The Lite app is already available in 170 countries, and it’s 15 times smaller than the original one. 

The app is based on Facebook Lite technology, launched in January 2020. The idea is to process a large part of the app’s original code on the cloud instead of the hardware. The popularity of FB Lite persuaded the company to launch the same version for Instagram. They removed transitions and AR filters but retained GIFs, stickers, and the user-favorite dark mode. 

Are you happy about the update? Will it be handy for you? What improvements would you offer to the developers? Share the news with other Android users, and let’s chat in the comments. The topic is really exciting!