Instagram Now Allows Streamers to Assign Moderators

  • Greg Burn
  • 14 Mar 2022

A popular streamer on Instagram always attracts many viewers that leave lots of comments. Not all of them are positive or constructive: there can always be hate speech, slurs, fake news, or flat-out propaganda. To fight this, Instagram now enables streamers to assign moderators who will keep track of it.

 The new feature arrives in the recent update for both iOS and Android. This is meant to make further streams on Instagram much less toxic. The measure is quite logical. When the streamer is streaming live video, there is simply no time and opportunity to look at the phone screen. It can be just out of reach, for example, is put on a standing yard away. But if there is another person behind it, they can track the comments in real-time and report those they consider unacceptable.

 A moderator can report or remove comments if they break some rules set by Instagram or directly by the streamer. They can also block certain users from commenting or from viewing the stream at all. This option is hard to overrate when a stream gains a significant audience and thus can be used by other people for spreading their messages. Popular streamers that monetize their streams well can hire moderators. Lesser ones can ask their friends to moderate.

 To add a moderator, the streamer should start the stream and then go to the menu. They can search for a specific account in the search field or choose one from the proposed users and assign them. It’s also worth noticing that Facebook, another Meta social media that supports streams, has recently introduced similar news and enabled streamers to invite moderators.

 Do you think it would improve the quality of streams and communication? Would you invite a moderator for your stream? Do you think reporting trolls in real-time will teach them anything? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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